Brand Story

Paper Raven Co. is a stationery and illustration brand started in Atlanta, GA in 2014; lovingly hand-drawn by illustrator Erin McManness. 

All of my designs start very personally, in my sketchbook - and are inspired by my love of pattern, symmetry, lush florals and organic nature-y things. My goals for design are simple: is it heartfelt? Honest? And is it beautiful? I want to illustrate and design cards and accessories that will give you that excitement - you know that moment when you've found something that is totally beautiful and you are afraid if you don't snatch it up, someone else will - I want that for you. And I want that moment for whoever you are giving to. I want Paper Raven Co. to be the starting point of a cycle of love and beauty for the small moments in your life; if you're hanging a print to complete your studio gallery wall, if you're sending a card to a friend who just landed that big promotion, if you're wrapping a wedding gift for your bff who is marrying the person of their dreams. I want beauty for you. I want intentionality for you. I want thoughtful connection for you. Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to become a small and sunny part of your day.

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Photo Courtesy of Kelley Raye Photography.